Comment Policy

I welcome any comments on posts, although I will delete any material at will if I feel it is warranted. The most likely reasons I will delete posts are:

  • If I believe it is spam
  • If the comment asks for technical help in coding (e.g. my SPSS code is not working, can I change the example to do x instead of y)
  • If I believe the comment is offensive or otherwise off-topic

I welcome specific comments on my code snippets (or a comment if something is not working or is incorrect), but comments asking for help on extending the examples to your own code for SPSS or R or Python or whatever should go to the appropriate help forum. I participate at the stackexchange Q/A sites Cross Validated, Stackoverflow, Geographic Information Systems, and the SPSS Nabble group. Not only will I see your question there, but so will others who can probably answer your question just as fast. (Older comments asking about code before I posted this, before November 2014, I will leave up.)

Currently I do not have time limits set on posts, although I may impose a date range for accepting comments in the future. I currently have few enough comments to check my spam filter and can respond if I delete a comment, but again this may not always be the case in the future. Feel free to send an email if you think a comment might have gotten deleted inappropriately. My contact information is on my about and cv pages.

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