My academic work focuses on collaborating with police departments on quantitative problems. Prior examples of my consulting work include:

  • Program evaluation (e.g. see if a particular strategy reduced crime)
  • Statistical analysis (e.g. predictive policing, officer level metrics or early intervention systems, redistricting police beats, survey analysis)
  • Crime analysis training
  • Grant writing (as related to the prior applications)
  • Consulting on statistical analysis in civil litigation cases evaluating racial bias in police behavior

I have written a blog post giving more specific advice about when I think it would be beneficial for police agencies to collaborate with me. Even if you have a problem that is not on this list it might make sense to ask for my help.

Additionally I have taken work outside of the criminal justice field to help conduct statistical analysis and data management tasks. See my CV that shows prior work that uses large administrative databases and spans many different types of analytical techniques.

If you have a project that you believe I could be of help with, feel free to contact me at I often do projects pro bono (or may be able to identify potential funding sources), so even if you have no budget always feel free to get in contact.

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