The week at Stackexchange 4/28/13 Edition

I know several individuals have blog posts in which they list interesting other articles that happened during the week. Mine will be a bit of a different twist though. I participate in a few of the stack exchange sites (and the SPSS Nabble forum), and often I think a question is interesting, but don’t follow along closely enough to see an answer given. Another situation that happens is I give an answer, and I don’t see other answers to the same post. To help me, and bring greater attention to various posts I find interesting, I figured I would create a weekly listing of those particular questions (no guarantee the question had anything to do with the previous week – I’ll try not to be redundant though!)





I’ve just noted this because I’ve seen a ton of nice ggplot2 examples from the Didzis Elferts recently on stackoverflow.

SPSS Nabble Group

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