Crime Mapping article library at CiteULike

I use the online reference library, CiteULike, to organize my personal bibliography. I have created a group within CiteULike specifically focused on crime mapping relevant articles, and the group is named Crime Mapping. I typically post relevant articles that I place in my own library, as well as suggestions that are placed on the Geography and Crime google group forum. At the moment there is also one other CiteULike member that has posted articles to the group as well, and we have a total of 135 articles as of January, 2012.

Although you need a CiteULike account to add to the library, even without a profile you can still browse the library. If you have any suggestions feel free to either make a comment here or shoot me an email if you can’t post yourself. Also I’m sure the library could use some better thought into the tags for each article, so feel free to update, add, or re-tag any articles currently in the library.

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