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In taking the advice of this question on the Academia stack exchange site, Is web-presence important for researchers?, I’ve created this blog and joined several other social networking sites. If you are interested in my work, or think I would be interested in yours, feel free to connect with me in any of these following venues.

Are there any other sites I should be joining? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Urban Vagabond

     /  April 1, 2012

    Hey Andy. I’m trying to get your Tikz example working on Stack Exchange. There was an error in your code where you had things like “right=of alpha” instead of “right of=alpha”, which I fixed. But there’s another problem with things like “fit= (z) (w)”. This option doesn’t seem to exist, at least in my version of PGF/Tikz (which I just installed using MacPorts), and it doesn’t appear in the user manual. Do you know the correct syntax? Thanks!

    BTW I don’t seem able to add a comment directly in Stack Exchange, perhaps not enough rep?

  2. Hi Urban,

    I’ve updated the example at to include all of the libraries used and an entire document (sorry for not including that info the first time). The fit function comes with the fit library in Tikz, also the positioning library is needed. The problem with the code is not the location of “of” in the code.

    It is unfortunate you can’t leave a message at the stats site (also I did not get a notification that you tried to edit the post). In the future feel free to shoot me an email if you have a question about anything I post, or stop in the chat room at the stats site and leave a message (although you may need reputation at the site to be able to post there as well).



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