My posts on CrossValidated Blog

I’ve made several guest posts on the (now) currently dormat Cross Validated Community Blog. They are;

The notes on making tables is IMO my most useful collection, with the post on small multiples coming in second. Other contributions currently include;

For those not familiar, Cross Validated is a stackexchange website where one can ask and answer various questions related to statistics. They are a large improvement over list-serve emails, and I hope to promote their usefulness and encourage individuals to either contribute to current forums and/or start new ones for particular areas. I also particpate on the GIS and Academia sites (as well as programming questions for SPSS and R on stackoverflow).

The blog is just an extension of the site, in that Q/A sessions are not well suited for long discussions. So instead of fitting a square peg in a round hole at times, I believe the blog is a useful place for discussions and greater commentary useful for the communities that aren’t quite well placed in Q/A. Unfortunately, community up-take in the blog has been rather minor, so it is currently dormant. Feel free to stop by the Cross Validated chat room Ten fold if you are interested in contributing. I hope to see the blog not die, but IMO there isn’t much point in any of the current people to continue to contribute unless there becomes greater community contribution from other individuals.

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