Blogging in review 2015

For some meta commentary on the blog itself, the blog has continued to grow, surpassing a total of 100,000 cumulative site views since its inception in December 2011 (according to the stats that wordpress keeps). I added a total of 50 posts & pages in 2015, for a total of 170. The monthly growth is shown below, and it now appears linear. (This data was a few days short of the 1st, so December ended up cracking 4,000 site views in total.)

Pretty much all of my top posts are SPSS related, and were posted in years prior to 2015. Currently I average around 140 views per day, but it is spread out over many of the pages. Below is a table of the average views per day for my most popular pages. Note that the average site views of my home page are currently much higher, but it is dated to when I created the blog. (Created as of 12/28/15, so a few days short of the new year.)

Top Pages
Title Date Posted Views Days Since Posted Average Views Per Day URL
1 Home page / Archives 12/15/11 20048 1474 13.60
2 Odds Ratios NEED To Be Graphed On Log Scales 10/26/13 6460 793 8.15
3 Comparing continuous distributions of unequal size groups in SPSS 04/29/12 6722 1338 5.02
4 Using the Google Places API in Python 05/15/14 2339 592 3.95
5 Hacking the default SPSS chart template 01/03/12 5705 1455 3.92
6 Why I feel SPSS (or any statistical package) is better than Excel for this particular job 03/30/13 3786 1003 3.77
7 Avoid Dynamite Plots! Visualizing dot plots with super-imposed confidence intervals in SPSS and R 02/20/12 4868 1407 3.46
8 Using sequential case processing for data management in SPSS 02/18/13 3539 1043 3.39

So most of the posts go relatively unnoticed, and even when they do get shared it at best a few hundred views in a day or two after it is posted. Being on my home page probably gets all of my posts abit of exposure for a week or two. But looking at the long haul many of my tutorial SPSS, python, and R posts get a fair amount of traffic. Or at least enough to continue to motivate me to write more posts!

As always, I don’t have a real fixed schedule I plan to write posts, nor any real roadmap of what I plan to blog about. I will say though doing my tour on the job market it has been interesting to get some recognition for what I post on the blog. It is mainly students who have asked me about it, but I’ve have some folks mention it at conferences as well.

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