Dropbox links need updating

Just as an FYI, I use Dropbox to share much of my work. They have two recent changes that effect many of the links on my website. One is that the public folder is no longer in use. I thought maybe that since I gave out individual links to items in the public folder those wouldn’t be affected — apparently they are though. So I need to go and update many of those public links.

The second is that HTML pages served up via Dropbox are not rendered anymore in browser. So I can’t use Dropbox as a simple website server for some pages. You can always still download the page and view the HTML (same as a say a PDF), but I realize this is a bit more inconvenient. In some cases I will have to convert those Dropbox links to pages on my WordPress blog. (Which adds another layer of complexity, as sometimes I use those as supplementary materials for academic papers, which require anonymity. Not sure how to deal with that though.)

Be patient, I have quite a few links I need to fix in various places, so it will take me awhile. If you spot a broken link, please let me know (via comment or email). Also if you cannot download any of my posted material (e.g. folks in China cannot access Dropbox) always feel free to send an email and I will distribute it that way. See my about page or my CV page for my email address.

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