Surpassed 100k views in 2022

For the first time, yearly view counts have surpassed 100,000 for my blog.

I typically get a bump of (at best) a few hundred views when I first post a blog. But the most popular posts are all old ones, and I get the majority of my traffic via google searches.

Around March this year monthly bumped up from around 9k to 11k views per month. Not sure of the reason (it is unlikely due to any specific inidividual post, as you can see, none of the most popular posts were posted this year). A significant number of the views are likely bots (what percent overall though I have no clue). So it is possible my blog was scooped up in some other aggregators/scrapers around that time (I would think those would not be counted as search engine referrals though).

One interesting source for the blog, when doing academic style posts with citations, my blog gets picked up by google scholar (see here for example). It is not a big source, but likely a more academic type crowd being referred to the blog (I can tell people have google scholar alerts – when scholar indexes a post I get a handful of referrals).

I have some news coming soon about writing a more regular criminal justice column for an organization (readers will have to wait alittle over a week). But I also do Ask Me Anything, so always feel free to send me an email or comment on here (started AMA as I get a trickle of tech questions via email anyway, and might as well share my response with everyone).

I typically just blog generally about things I am working on. So maybe next up is that auto-ml libraries often have terrible defaults for hypertuning random forests, or maybe an example of data envelopment analysis, or quantile regression for analyzing response times, or monitoring censored data are all random things I have been thinking about recently. But no guarantees about any those topics in particular!

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