A new series: The Criminal Justician

In partnership with the American Society of Evidence Based Policing (ASEBP), I have started a new blog series on their website, The Criminal Justician. The first post is up, Denver’s STAR Program and Disorder Crime Reductions, which you can read if you have a membership.

ASEBP is an organization that brings together in the field police officers, as well as researchers, policy makers, and community leaders to promote scientific progress in the policing profession. For officers, analysts, and police researchers wanting to make a difference, it is definately an organization worth joining and participating in the trainings/conferences.

The blog series will be me discussing recent scientific research of relevance to policing. I break down complicated empirical results to be more accessible to a wider audience – either to understand the implications for the field or to critique the potential findings. If before you want to pony up the few dollars for joining ASEBP, here are some examples of past articles on my personal blog of similar scope:

I will still blog here about more technical things, like optimizing functions/statistical coding. But my more opinion pieces on current policing research will probably head over to the ASEBP blog series. In the hopper are topics like police scorecards, racial bias in predictive policing, and early intervention systems (with plans to post an article around once a month).

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