Dressing for success in academic interviews

On the academia stack exchange site a recent question came up about how to dress for academic interviews. The verdict was over-dressing is better than under-dressing. I had come across similar (although somewhat discordant) advice previously, but it is always good to have second opinions.

I will mention the previous blog posts I had come across, as they have good advice for giving academic job talks in general;

I think my advice is just give a talk so awesome no one cares about what you wear! But, take that advice with care, it is coming from a person who not only doesn’t know what he wore yesterday, but has on occasion wore shirts backwards (in public) all day long. I would probably only notice if you showed up dressed like Dilbert in this strip;

If you have other questions related to academia head on over and check out the Academia stack exchange site. Here a few examples of some of my favorite discussions so far;

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