CJ blog watch! Any ones I’m missing?

I follow alot of blogs. Although I don’t personally write alot about criminology or criminal justice related matters (maybe in the future when I have more time or inclination), but I figured I would share some of my favorites and query the crowd for more recommendations.

So a few with general discussion related to criminology and criminal justice matters are;

Both sites are well known criminologists/criminal justicians. I am aware of a few blogs written by current/former police chiefs;

  • Tom Casady’s The Director’s Desk. Tom Casady is currently the director of public safety for Lincoln, Nebraska and was previously the Police Chief at Lincoln’s department for quite some time. Tom is also very active in a variety of criminology/criminal justice organizations (so if you go to a related conference there is a good chance he is around somewhere!)
  • Chief’s Blog by Chief Ramsay of the Duluth Police Dept in Minnesota.

There are also a few that are highly focused on crime mapping & analysis;

  • Location Based Policing by Drew Dasher. He is a crime analyst for the Lincoln Nebraska PD.
  • Saferview – crime, fear and mapping: A blog by a retired police officer who is a student at University College London.
  • Diego Valle-Jones: Although his blog has a wider variety of topics, he has a series of very detailed posts and analysis on violence in Mexico and central american nations. I know crime stats are frequent fodder for generic statistical demonstrations, but this is real insightful analysis. My favorite is his investigation into the validity of homicide data statistics.

Are there others I am missing out on or should know about? Let me know in the comments if you have other suggestions.

FYI – the title of the blog post was motivated by Hans Toch’s new book, Cop Watch.

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