Online Crime Mapping for Troy PD

One of the big projects I have been working on since joining the Troy Police Department as a crime analyst last fall is producing timely geocoded data. I am happy to say that a fruit of this labor is the public crime map, via RAIDS Online, that has finally gone public (and can be viewed here). The credit for the online map mainly goes to BAIR Analytics and their free online mapping platform. I merely serve up the data for them to put on the map.

I’ve come to believe that more open data is the way of the future, and in particular an online crime map is a way to engage and enlighten the public to the realities of crime statistics. Although this comes with some potential negative externalities for the police department, such as complaints about innacurracy, decreasing home prices, and misleading symbology and offset geocoding. I firmly believe though that providing this information empowers the public to be more engaged in matters of crime and safety within their communities.

I thank the Troy Police Department for supporting the project in spite of these potential negative consequences, and Chief Tedesco for his continual support of the project. I also thank Capt. Cooney for arranging for all of the media releases. Below is the current online news stories (will update with CW15 if they post a story).

Here I end with a list of reading materials I consider necessary for any other crime analyst pondering the decision whether to public crime statistics online. And I end by again thanking Troy PD for allowing me to publish this data, and BAIR for providing the online service that makes it possible with a zero dollar budget.

Let me know if I should add any papers to the list! Privacy implications (such as this work by Michael Leitner and colleagues) might be worth a read as well for those interested. See my geomasking tag at CiteUlike for various other references.

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