Accepted position at University of Texas at Dallas

After being on the job market 2+ years, I have finally landed a tenure-track job at the University of Texas at Dallas in their criminology department. Long story short, I’m excited for the opportunity at Dallas, and I’m glad I’m done with the market.

I will refrain from giving job advice, I doubt I did a good job in many circumstances in all stages. But now that it is over I wanted to map all the locations I applied to. Red balloons are places I had an in person interview for a tenure track position.

In the end I applied to around 80 ads over the two year period (about 40 per each wave), and I had 8 in person interviews before I landed the Dallas position. My rate is worse than all of my friends/colleagues on the market during the past few years (hence why I shouldn’t give advice), but around 4~5 interviews before getting an offer is the norm among the small sample size of my friends (SUNY Albany CJ grads that is).

So folks soon to be on the market this is one data point of what to expect.

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  1. Congrats Andrew. Best of luck in Dallas!

  2. Congratulations!


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