Spatial analysis course in CJ (graduate) – Spring 2016 SUNY Albany

This spring I am teaching a graduate level GIS course for the school of criminal justice on the downtown SUNY campus. There are still seats available, so feel free to sign up. Here is the page with the syllabus, and I will continue to add additional info./resources to that page.

Academics tend to focus on regression of lattice/areal data (e.g. see Matt Ingrams course over in Poli. Sci.), and in this course I tried to mix in more things I regularly encountered while working as a crime analyst that I haven’t seen coverage of in other GIS courses. For example I have a week devoted to the journey to crime and geographic offender profiling. I also have a week devoted to introducing the current most popular models used to forecast crime.

I’ve started a specific wordpress page for courses, which I will update with additional courses I prepare.

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