Health Insurance Claims Data via HMS Data Sharing for Researchers

I have been sharing this with a bunch of people recently so figured it would be appropriate to share on the blog. My company, HMS, which audits health insurance claims has a data sharing agreement for researchers.

So this provides access to micro level Medicaid health insurance claims for a set of states. It includes 10 states currently:

It provides a limited set of person level info, provider level info (e.g. the hospital location of the claim), as well as all the info that comes with the insurance claim itself. Mostly folks will be interested in ICD codes associated with the claim I imagine, as well as maybe the CPT codes. (CPT are for particular procedures, whereas ICD are more like broader diagnoses for the overall visit.)

It is only criminology adjacent, and is tough because the coverage is limited to Medicaid for some research designs. But examples criminology folks may be interested in are say you could look for domestic violence ICD codes, or look at provider level behavior for opioid prescriptions, or mental health treatment claims, etc.

One of the things with criminology research is it is very hard to identify the costs of crime. Looking at victimization costs via health insurance claims may be an underestimate, but has a pretty clear societal cost. And the limited coverage to Medicaid will make cost estimates on the low side (although more directly relevant to the state, and among the most vulnerable population).

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