My team is hiring

My company, HMS, is currently hiring in my data science team:

These positions can be remote, and HMS will sponsor visas as well.

Data scientist is a really broad brush. Typically what I am looking for is prior experience in data management (e.g. you should know some SQL), and the ability to explain the models you are using in plain English to business partners. You do not need prior X years of data science experience — on our team we have hired folks who were business analysts who had coding/machine learning experience, people pretty much straight from PhD, and I was a professor of criminology.

The director position is a bit different, but even there if you are say a project manager in data science and want to move up to a director role, a senior/principal data scientist with prior supervisory experience, or direct a different data related role (and have more than a passing knowledge of machine learning), those experiences would all be considered seriously for the role.

If you want to get a flavor for the types of projects we are working on at HMS (these are focused on health insurance claims and payment integrity, so no population health nor subrogation examples, but will be OK to get a high level), check out these blog posts of mine:

If you have questions always feel free to email!

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