My Critique of Slope Graphs paper was recently rejected as a short article from The American Statistician. I’ve uploaded the new paper to SSRN with the suggested critiques and my responses to them (posted here).

I ended up bugging Nick Cox for some pre peer-review feedback and he actually agreed! (A positive externality of participating at the Cross Validated Q/A site.) The main outcome of Nick’s review was a considerably shorter paper. The reviews from TAS were pretty mild (and totally reasonable), but devoid of anything positive. The main damning aspect of the paper is that the reviewers (including Cox) just did not find the paper very interesting or well motivated.

My main motivation was the recent examples of slope graphs in the popular media, most of which are poor statistical graphics (and are much better suited as a scatterplot). The most obvious being Cairo’s book cover, which I thought in and of itself deserved a critique – but maybe I should not have been so surprised about a poor statistical graphic on the cover. This I will not argue is a rather weak motivation, but one I felt was warranted given the figures praising the use of slopegraphs in inappropriate situations.

In the future I may consider adding in more examples of slopegraphs besides the cover of Albert Cairo’s book. In my collection of examples I may pull out a few more examples from the popular media and popular data viz books (besides Cairo’s there are blog post examples from Ben Fry and Andy Kirk – haven’t read their books so I’m unsure if they are within them.) For a preview, pretty much all of the examples I consider bad except for Tufte’s original ones. Part of the reason I did not do this is that I wrote the paper as a short article for TAS — and I figured adding these examples would make it too long.

I really had no plans to submit it anywhere besides TAS, so this may sit as just a pre-print for now. Let me know if you think it may be within the scope of another journal that I may consider.

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