Presentation at IACA 2014 – Making Field Stops Smart

Part of the work I am doing with the Finn Institute in collaboration with the Albany Police Department was accepted as a presentation at the upcoming IACA conference in Seattle next week. The NIJ used to have a separate Crime Mapping conference, but they folded it into the yearly IACA conference. So this is one of the NIJ Crime Mapping presentations.

The title of the presentation is Making Field Stops Smart, and below is the abstract:

Mapping hot spots of crime incidents for use in allocating patrol resources has become commonplace. This research is intended to extend the logic to mapping locations of field interviews. The project has two specific spatial analysis components; 1) are most of the stops being conducted a high crime locations, and 2) are locations with the most stops the locations with the most productive stops (in terms of arrests, contraband recovery, stopping chronic offenders). Making stops smart is being conducted as a research partnership between the Albany, NY police department and the Finn Institute of Public Safety.

The time of the presentation is at 15:30 on Thursday 9/11. Two other presenters, Eric Paull from Akron, Ohio and Christian Peterson from Portland, Oregon have presentations on the panel as well (see the IACA agenda for their talk abstracts).

I am uncomfortable publicly releasing the pre-print white papers given the collaboration (Rob Worden and Sarah McLean are co-authors) and because that APD’s name is directly attached to the work. But if you send me an email I can forward the white paper for this presentation and related work we are doing.

If you see me at IACA feel free to come up and say hi. I do not have any other plans while I am in town besides going to presentations.


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