Network Xmas Tree in SPSS

Motivated by Rick Wicklin’s raster based Christmas Tree in SAS, here I will show how to lay out a network Xmas tree in SPSS – XKCD network style.

SPSS’s GPL language has the ability to lay out different network diagrams given a list of edges and vertices. One of the layouts is a tree layout, and is intended for hierarchical data. Dendrograms created from hierarchical clustering are some of the most popular uses for this type of layout.

So to create the data for our Xmas tree, what I first did was just drew the XKCD tree on a piece of paper, and then replaced the ornaments with an integer value used to represent a node. Below is my best ASCII art representation of that tree.

         |           |
         2           3
     ____|      _____|_____
    |          |           |
    4          5           6
 ___|____      |       ____|____
|        |     |      |         |
7        8     9     10        11
|_____      ___|___   |         |         
|     |    |       |  |         |
12   13    14      15 16       17

From here we can make an edge dataset that consists of the form of all the directed connections in the above graph. So 1 is connected to 2, 2 is connected to 4 etc. That dataset will look like below.

data list free / XFrom XTo.
begin data
1 2
1 3
2 4
3 5
3 6
4 7
4 8
5 9
6 10
6 11
7 12
7 13
9 14
9 15
10 16
11 17
end data.
dataset name edges.

If all I wanted to do was to draw the edges this would be sufficient for the graph. But I also want to style the nodes, so I create a dataset listing the nodes and a color which I will draw them with.

data list free / Node (F2.0) Type (A15).
begin data
1 Yellow
2 Red
3 Red
4 Green
5 Red
6 Red
7 Red
8 Red
9 Red
10 Green
11 Green
12 Green
13 Red
14 Green
15 Red
16 Green
17 Red
end data.
dataset name nodes.

Now here is the magic of GPL to draw our Xmas tree.

 SOURCE: e=userSource(id("edges"))
 DATA: XFrom=col(source(e), name("XFrom"), unit.category())
 DATA: XTo=col(source(e), name("XTo"), unit.category())
 SOURCE: n=userSource(id("nodes"))
 DATA: Node=col(source(n), name("Node"), unit.category())
 DATA: Type=col(source(n), name("Type"), unit.category())
 GUIDE: axis(dim(1), null())
 GUIDE: legend(aesthetic(aesthetic.color.interior), null())
 COORD: rect(dim(1,2), reflect(dim(2)))
 SCALE: cat(aesthetic(aesthetic.color.interior), map(("Yellow", color.yellow), ("Red",, ("Green",
 ELEMENT: edge(position(layout.tree(node(Node),from(XFrom), to(XTo), root("1"))))
 ELEMENT: point(position(layout.tree(node(Node),from(XFrom), to(XTo), root("1"))), color.interior(Type), size(size."14"))

I ended up drawing the Y axis (and reflecting it) because my chart template did not have enough padding for the root node and the yellow circle was partially cut off in the plot. I then post-hoc deleted the Y axis, changed the aspect ratio and the background color of the plot. And Voila – Happy Holidays!

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