Blogging Year in Review 2021

In total views of the blog for 2021, I will have a trickle of a few more views today, but I will not crack the 100k mark. So the blog viewership has not really grown over the past few years, just variance around 90k views per year.

Most of my traffic is a trickle of referrals for old blog posts from search engines. So my top posts of 2021 would be a quite boring old list if I did that.

I have to go down over 20 posts before ones I posted this year come into the views ranking. Typically I get a one time bump of 100~200 views for a single post when I first post it (I have never topped 600 views in one day). But after that it is just competing for search traffic referrals. (Those posts in 2021 are highlighted by the blue bar on the left in this screengrab.)

In other news, I have not written a blog post about it, but the move to a private sector data science gig was a good one for me (much less stressful than being an academic). Two years in I can safely make that assessment.

But, I have continued to do some academic papers on the side. The Buffalo paper was accepted at Journal of Experimental Crim, and the NIJ paper is under review for the IJOTCC open science special issue. So I can still do some criminology work to scratch that itch on the side.

In Covid times everything is remote, but I do enjoy participating in various groups (even if over zoom). As I posted on the blog, always feel free to send me an email to ask me anything.

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  1. Odhinn

     /  December 31, 2021

    All the best to you for 2022.
    Would appreciate some more of your workflows for crime analysis using ArcGIS Pro. Wanted to know how you would approach bivariate and multivariate mapping for crime.
    Thank you


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